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Okehampton and Exeter area, Devon, United Kingdom
C.Psychol. AFBPsS, CSci, MBACP. Snr. accred. UKRC, BPS Registered Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy - Senior Practitioner Status
BUPA and AXA Recognised
Personal philosophy

Many of us come to counselling for a variety of reasons.

We can feel overwhelmed by life and the things that have happened to us.

We often feel very unhappy indeed. We can have relationship difficulties that cause immense pain. Some of us feel socially isolated, some of us, indeed, feel isolated within ourselves.

We don't feel 'good enough'. We seek meaning and understanding. Above all, we want to feel better than we do now.

I believe that counselling gives the client a safe and facilitating environment to use the mind of a trained and experienced 'other' to explore these personal pains and concerns. As a psychologist and counsellor, I provide a warm, welcoming, safe and reliable place for this to occur.

With some issues I will tend to use a lifespan or psychodynamic approach, focusing on the influence and link between early childhood experiences on relationships and behaviours in later life. It offers a safe and secure framework to allow understanding of the human condition across the life span. For other problems I tend to use a more cognitive behavioural approach, recognizing that the way we feel and think influences our behaviours.